Webview App For Android - One Signal + Admob | Convert Website To App

Technical Documentation For Webview App For Android - Prepared By Isa COSKUN”

Webview App For Android - One Signal + Admob | Convert Website To App


First of all, Thank you so much for purchasing this template and for being my loyal customer. You are awesome!
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This documentation is to help you regarding each step of customization. Software knowledge is not required to customize this app.


You will need the following sofwares to customize this template.

  1. Android Studio (eg: Download Android Studio)
  2. Android Emulator or a physical android device for testing (eg: Nox Player or an Android Device)
  3. Firebase Console account to store data (eg: Create an account)
  4. Google Admob Ad account for ads (eg: Create an account)
  5. One Signal account for push notification (eg: Create an account)

Be careful when editing the app. If not properly regulated, the application may be don't work.
Free support is not provided for incorrect personalization.

Getting Started - Purchase Project#back to top

After getting the above mentioned programs or required accounts, we can now begin to personalize your project.

If you have not yet purchased the project, you can purchase it using the buy button. You can get the files of the project by sending an e-mail after paying with Paypal. So you buy at a discounted price.


Pay and send mail. That is all. The project is yours now.

How To Compile And Run The Project #back to top

If you have installed the Android Studio program smoothly and it is running, please start it and open the project.

Start Android Studio and Open The Project

Start Android Studio and select the "WebViewApp" folder included in the project you purchased with Android Studio. You can follow the video steps below.

How To Customize The App #back to top

Create Your App Name And Package Name

Find the package name and name of the application. The package name must be unique. This will appear in the Play Store with the name of the package. It is not possible to use the package name of someone else. (eg: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ixa.webviewapp)

Set The App's Main Logo

In this step we will set the app's logo. Once you have acquired or designed your own logo, you can proceed to the step on the video.

Caution: This logo must be in 1024x1024 size and PNG format.
Otherwise, it may cause some problems and bad views in the application !!!

Edit App Main Color And Theme

In this step, I'll show you how to edit the main colors that the app uses as a theme. It is a fairly simple step. Replace the colors you want with the color values you see in the video. That is all.

Project Creation And Database Settings With Firebase Console

This step is very important. Follow carefully. First of all, we need to log in with our own Google account via Firebase Console.

We will then create a new project. We will add an android app to this project. Then we'll create a database and make the settings.

Caution: Do not share the project file you created with anyone. Firebase Console is free up to a certain limit. This limit is quite high for this application. If you still need it, you may need to purchase a package that will meet your needs via the Firebase Console.

After creating an active Google account and registering with the Firebase Console, you can follow the steps in the video below. Go Firebase Console

When you follow the steps in the video, the code you see in the video is what you need. Copy and add this code to the appropriate location by following the steps in the video.

        "rules": {
          ".read": true,
          ".write": "auth != null"

One Signal Sign Up And Add To App

This step is very important. Follow carefully. First of all, we need to log in again with our own Google account via Firebase Console.

We will now go to the Onesignal web page and register. We will then create an android application on One Signal and connect it with Firebase Console. We will integrate the application ID given to us to our project in android studio. That is all.

We can now send real-time notifications to our application via the One Signal web page in real time.

Caution: Do not share your app id with anyone.

After login your Firebase account and sign up to One Signal, you can follow the steps in the video below.

Go Firebase Console

Go One Signal

How To Add Google Admob Ads#back to top

Google Admob Register, Create Ad ID And Add To App

First, we'll create a Google Admob account, then create 2 ad IDs and add them to our project. It's a pretty simple step. Watch the video below carefully.

Go Google Admob and sign up !

Caution: You need a Google account to create an Admob account.

Add Website And Application Settings#back to top

Enable & Disable Menus, Add Menu Titles and Add Your Website

In this step we will make the web site menus, headers, and other settings that will appear in our application.

Please be careful when making these settings and make sure you make the correct settings. Otherwise, your application may fail and may not work. If you do not have software knowledge or less, you should definitely watch the video.

First, I'll show you how to change locales in the application. This is a personalization. You can enable and disable the menus. You can change their names.

We will then change the information in the application in real time with Firebase Console. You can add your website with Firebase console, and replace other information in your native application with Firebase Console.

Now follow the steps in the video.

Go Firebase Console

How To Test The Application #back to top

Once you have completed all the steps above correctly, your app should be ready. Now test the app and make sure that your changes appear correctly in the app.

We should see our changes in app. If this happens successfully, you can create a signed APK file of the app and publish it on the Play Store or other platforms.

I am testing the app using emulator. You can test with emulator installed on your computer or with a real android device.

Then let's run our project which is open in android studio with an emulator or a physical device.

If the application opens successfully, it is possible that you have made no mistakes.

If the changes we made on the admin panel appear in the application, you are only a few steps away from sharing your amazing application with the whole world.

Go to One Signal and test the notification.

Go Firebase Console

How to create signed APK#back to top

This is the last step. I will show you how to create a signed APK file for our finished project. You will then be able to share your app with the world.

Caution: Never forget the "keystore.jks" file, "keystore password" and "alias password" that you create in this step. If you lose access to them, you will not be able to send any updates to your app through the Play Store. Keep them in a private storage area and keep them in backup. Do not share them with anyone !!!

Finish #back to top

That is all. You are now ready to present your app to users.

This document is explained in a simple and detailed way so that even people without programming knowledge can create their own applications. You can edit this project and create your own application even if you do not have programming knowledge by following the steps completely and carefully.

This project was developed entirely by iXa Studio. It is a completely native application. The database can be controlled with Firebase Console.

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This documentation was prepared by - Isa Coskun

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